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Terresa Adams Receives Heart of Hamilton Award

Jeff Myers, CEO and Terresa Adams

We are all incredibly proud of Terresa and fortunate she is on our team!

I am an associate of Hamilton, but on this day I was a family member of a patient in the ER. My father had fallen after slipping getting out of the bathtub at his home. We met him at the ER not knowing what to expect his condition to be. My 5 year old daughter was very upset that Papaw might be really hurt. My dad came in and gave his name. Before he could take a seat in the ER lobby, they called him back to triage. From there he went straight to a room where Terresa entered with a big smile and a friendly greeting. She spoke to my dad and made him feel at ease and let him know what all she was going to do. He had a badly injured shoulder and broken toes. Terresa give him a pain shot. Seeing my 5 year old, she asked her if she would like to help her make Papaw feel better. Terresa gave her gloves to put on and handed her a bandaid. Terresa gave the shot and allowed my daughter to apply the bandaid to the area. She really felt like she had made her Papaw feel all better. This made my daughter feel much better and also amused both my parents. Laughter is the best medicine after all they say! I really appreciate all that Terresa did to go above and beyond by taking her time and allowing the healing of my father and my daughter. My daughter has since told many people about how she got to help the nurse at the ER take care of her Papaw. This is something she will not soon forget and neither will my parents. Thank you Terresa!

by Hamilton Associate

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