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Organizing Your Stuff

These days it is pretty easy to keep track of all of your things. I learned and experienced the benefits of an organized life when I was in the military. When I was younger, everything I owned was in constant disarray. Now, typically when I need something, I know exactly where it is or can find it fairly quickly.

Besides knowing where things are, there is another powerful benefit of being organized. Organization reduces stress and increases focus. Reducing clutter and ensuring what remains has a specific place somehow creates space in the mind and an organized environment seems to produce a focused, calming effect.

One way to organize your things is to use Google Docs. Just create folders for your spaces - bedroom, garage, living room, for instance. Within the folders create subfolders or documents as needed - snap pictures and type in the document the items in the picture. The process of creating the inventory will help you declutter, ensure everything has a place, and remember where things are. If you forget, the beauty of using google is you can just do a search and know exactly where to go.

Another great option with a few more bells and whistles is a note taking app such as Evernote.

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Friday, 19 October 2018

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